Spectrum Reading Questions †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Name ____________________________________

Pp. 526-537


1.      What is the universe?

2.      What is a star?

3.      What is a galaxy?

4.      What does a light-year measure?

5.      How is the light the reaches us related to time?

6.      How many galaxies are there?

7.      What is the Milky Way?

8.      Why spiral galaxies have a blue tint?

9.      Why are elliptical galaxies red?

10.  What are irregular galaxies like?

11.  What would the universe be like without gravity?

12.  What is a cluster?

13.  What is the red shift?

14.  What causes the red shift?

15.  What does the red shift tell us about the universe?

16.  What is the big bang theory?

17.  What did Penzias and Wilson find that supported the big bang theory?

18.  When did protons, neutrons, and electrons form?

19.  When did atoms form?

20.  What are the three possible outcomes for the universe?

21.  What will happen if the universe does not have enough mass?

22.  What will happen if the universe has more mass?

23.  Are the stars in constellations located close together?

24.  What is the sun?

25.  What three things decide a starís brightness?

26.  How does color tell us about a starís temperature?

27.  How do scientists know about the elements in a star?

28.  What elements are in stars?