Wind and Pressure Practice                                                      Name ____________________________________


Identify the global wind belts and calm areas in the figure on the right.

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Building Vocabulary

If the statement is true, write true. If it is false, change the underlined word or words

to make the statement true.


____________________ 6. A wind is a horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure.

____________________ 7. Wind speed is measured with a(n) wind vane.

____________________ 8. Local winds are winds that blow over short distances.

____________________ 9. The flow of air from an ocean or lake to the land is called a land breeze.

____________________ 10. The flow of air from land to a body of water is called a sea breeze.

____________________ 11. Sea and land breezes over a large region that change direction with the seasons are called global winds.

____________________ 12. Winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long distances are called doldrums.

____________________ 13. The way Earth’s rotation makes winds curve is called the prevailing westerlies.

____________________ 14. Bands of high-speed winds about 10 kilometers above Earth’s surface are called polar easterlies.


Match each term with its definition by writing the letter of the correct definition on the line beside the term.

_____ 15. air pressure

_____ 16. altitude

_____ 17. aneroid barometer

_____ 20. barometer

_____ 21. density

_____ 22. mercury barometer

_____ 23. pressure

a. the amount of mass in a unit volume of a substance

b. force per unit area

c. the result of the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area

d. any instrument that measures changes in air pressure

e. instrument that measures changes in air pressure using liquid mercury

f. the distance above sea level

g. instrument that measures changes in air pressure without using a liquid