Earth Science Reading Questions 12.1                         Name ____________________________________

Earths Drifting Continents pp. 372-375

1.       What evidence was there that there was once a land bridge between South America and Africa?

2.       What about the crust made this impossible?

3.       What is Pangaea?

4.       What did scientists believe about the movement of continents?

5.       How did Wegener and his followers final convince others of continental drift?

6.       How did Glossopteris fossils indicate that several continents were once together?

7.       How did coal fields support the idea that the continents were once together?

8.       How did deposits from glaciers indicate the continents move?

9.       How did salt deposits indicate that continents move?

10.   How did coal deposits indicate that continents move?

Earth Science Reading Questions 12.2                         Name ____________________________________

Earths spreading Ocean Floor pp. 376-379


1.       What was the question that had to be answered before the theory of continental drift could be accepted?

2.       What are the mid ocean ridges?

3.       What is ocean-floor spreading?

4.       How do the mid ocean ridges curve?

5.       How are rocks near the ridges different from those farther away?

6.       How does the Earth’s magnetic field change?

7.       How do magnetic stripes indicate ocean floor spreading?

8.       Why doesn’t the Earth’s surface get larger?

9.       What are trenches?

10.   What is subduction?

11.   What happens to the rock that melts?

Earth Science Reading Questions 12.3                         Name ____________________________________

Earth’s Moving Continents pp. 380-387


1.      What are plates?

2.      What does the theory of plate tectonics connect?

3.      What does the theory of plate tectonics explain?

4.      What are plates made of?

5.      What are the seven major plates?

6.      How fast do plates move?

7.      Where are most plate boundaries?

8.      What is a divergent boundary

9.      What is a convergent boundary?

10.  What is a strike-slip boundary?

11.  Why will Los Angeles be part of Alaska?

12.  What is a convection current?

13.  What happens to plates at a trench?

14.  What happens when a continental plate meets an oceanic plate?

15.  Where do the volcanoes come from?

16.  What happens when two oceanic plates collide?

17.  What happens when two continetal crusts collide?

18.  How does a rift valley form?