Earth Science Reading Questions 11.1                         Name ____________________________________

Pg. 347-355 Earthquakes

1.       What do earthquakes and volcanoes reminders of?

2.       What is an earthquake?

3.       How many earthquakes happen every year?

4.       What causes earthquakes

5.       How big is the San Andeas Fault?

6.       What are tsunamis?

7.       What is the focus?

8.       What is the epicenter?

9.       Describe P-waves

10.   Describe S-waves.

11.   Describe L-waves

12.   How does a seismogram work?

13.   How can you tell the strength of an earthquake from a seismogram?

14.   What happens when you get one number bigger on the Richter scale?

15.   What influences the damage caused by earthquakes?

16.   What three things must the prediction of an earthquake include?

17.   Name three indications that scientists have found that an earthquake is likely to occur.

Earth Science Reading Questions 11.2                         Name ____________________________________

Pg. 356-362 Volcanoes

1.       What is magma?

2.       What is lava?

3.       What two things are referred to as volcanoes?

4.       What is the vent?

5.       Why do scientists study volcanoes?

6.       Describe the four types of lava

7.       How do explosive eruptions form?

8.       What is volcanic dust?

9.       What is volcanic ash?

10.   What are volcanic bombs?

11.   How does a cinder cone form?

12.   How does a shield volcano form?

13.   How does a composite volcano form?

14.   What is a crater?

15.   How does a caldera form?

16.   What is an active volcano?

17.   What is a dormant volcano?

18.   What is an extinct volcano?

Earth Science Reading Questions 11.3                         Name ____________________________________

Pg. 363-365 Volcano and Earthquake Zones

1.       Where do most volcanoes and Earthquakes take place?

2.       Describe where the Ring of Fire is

3.       Where is the second major earthquake and volcano zone?

4.       Where is the third major earthquake and volcano zone?

5.       Where is Mount Vesuvius?

6.       What happened to Pompeii?

7.       What happened to Herculaneum?

8.       What happened to the people of Pompeii?

9.       What happened to the people of Herculaneum?