Earth’s Interior Practice                                                            Name ____________________________________

Label the layers of Earth by writing the name of the layer in the blank. Then describe each layer.





Match each term with its definition by writing the letter of the correct definition on the line beside the term in the left column.

_____5. seismic wave

_____ 6. basalt

_____7. continent

_____8. geology

_____9. granite

_____10. pressure

_____11. rock

a. the material that forms Earth’s hard surface

b. the force pushing on a surface or area

c. a force that slowly wears away features of Earth’s surface

d. the study of planet Earth

e. a rock that makes up the core of the continents

f. one of Earth’s great landmasses

g. a wave produced by an earthquake

h. a force that builds up features of Earth’s surface

i. a rock that makes up much of the ocean floor


12. How are P waves different from S waves?










13. How do scientists k now that part of the interior of the Earth is a liquid?