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What is Matter? Pp. 38 44


  1. What is chemistry?
  2. What is matter?
  3. What experiment tells you that carbon is an element?
  4. What are elements?
  5. What are atoms?
  6. What are symbols?
  7. What is a compound?
  8. Compare nylon to the elements that make up nylon.
  9. What is a molecule?
  10. What two ways can molecules be made?
  11. What does a chemical formula tell you?
  12. What is a pure substance?
  13. What is a mixture?
  14. Compare grape juice to the components that make it up.
  15. What is a heterogeneous mixture?
  16. What is a homogeneous mixture?
  17. What the difference between miscible and immiscible liquids?
  18. Give three examples where gases and liquids mix.