Earth Science Reading Questions 3.3.1                         Name ____________________________________

The inner planets pages 100-110


1.      How do scientists know what the planets are like?

2.      Describe how Mercury moves around the sun.

3.      How did scientists investigate Mercury?

4.      What does the surface of Mercury look like?

5.      Compare the lengths of a day and a year on Mercury.

6.      Compare Venus to the Earth.

7.      How have scientists investigated Venus?

8.      What is the atmosphere of Venus like?

9.      What is the surface of Venus like?

10.  How is the day different on Venus than on Earth?

11.  What is the greenhouse effect?

12.  What gas caused the greenhouse effect?

13.  What causes the greenhouse effect on Earth?

14.  What is the most distinguishing feature of Mars?

15.  How did scientists investigate Mars surface?

16.  What are the volcanoes like on Mars?

17.  What evidence is there of liquid water on Mars?

18.  Where is the water now?

19.  What is Valles Marineris?

20.  What is the Asteroid belt?

21.  What are asteroids made of?

22.  Where else are asteroids found?

23.  How big would an asteroid collision be?