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Fresh Water Beneath the Surface pp. 259-265


1.      Compare the amount of water below the surface to the amount in lakes and reservoirs.

2.      Where do people in rural areas get their water?

3.      Why is ground water present?

4.      What is permeable?

5.      What is impermeable?

6.      Why is clay impermeable?

7.      Why are sand and gravel permeable?

8.      When does water stop moving down?

9.      What the zone of saturation?

10.  How is a sponge like the ground?

11.  What is the zone of aeration

12.  What is the water table?

13.  How do hills affect the water table?

14.  How does climate affect the water table?

15.  How can weather affect the water table?

16.  What is an aquifer?

17.  Why are aquifers vulnerable to pollution?

18.  What is an artesian well?

19.  How do caverns form?

20.  How are stalactites different from stalagmites?