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Fresh Water on the Surface pp. 246 -257


1.      Where is most of the freshwater on the Earthís Surface?

2.      Why donít we run out of fresh water.

3.      List and describe the three main steps of the water cycle?

4.      What is groundwater?

5.      What is a glacier?

6.      How does a glacier form?

7.      What is a valley glacier?

8.      What is a continental glacier?

9.      Where are continental glaciers formed?

10.  How do icebergs form?

11.  List four uses for running water.

12.  What is surface runoff?

13.  Why do some soils soak up more water?

14.  How do plants affect surface runoff?

15.  What is a watershed?

16.  What are the three largest watersheds in the U.S.?

17.  What types of rivers are useful as water sources?

18.  What are lakes?

19.  How are lakes formed?

20.  How are ponds different from lakes?

21.  How are reservoirs formed?

22.  How are reservoirs used?